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Freeware Puzzle Game

You have three puzzles to solve against the clock. You've the ability to save and open previous attempts, and the auto solve facility let's you off the hook if you're not so smart ;)

Screenshot of Freeware Puzzle

Play is an essential human activity. Without it we are less. I've loved games since I was a boy and shall continue to enjoy playing until I drop.

I plan to slowly but surely refine my skills as an independant designer and developer of software games. There's a long way to travel and I'm taking small steps. I hope you enjoy the first with the release of this challenging puzzle game. Journey with me into the unknown... IQ

Online Webmaster Crossword

If you run a website, check your knowledge about Internet words and terms with this live crossword. You've the option to see any errors you've made and there's even a peek feature built in.

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Play the Webmaster Crossword

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